Woodworking tools

_ the power of quality!


In Barros – Woodworking tools, all our own-made products are the result of the dedication and professionalism of people with undeniably accumulated vast experience.

The excellent cutting quality, robustness and high durability of our tools are therefore features by which our customers distinguish us.

We have modern CNC machine park with Walter, Vollmer, Mazak, ONA, HaimerÔÇŽ to help us get to help us reach perfect quality products and services.

We present a variety of cutting tools for the woodworking industry, produced in different material types such as high speed steel (HSS), carbide (HM / HW) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD / DP).

Barros – Woodworking tools and Slice Cutting Tools have a wide range of:
Circular Saw | Blades Cutters and Cutter Heads with Bore | Polycrystalline Diamond Tools | Cutters and Cutter Heads with Shank | Drills | Knives Acessories…

in order to better respond to the needs of the most demanding professionals.

The Power of Quality!